Otras Tierras Ensemble

The music of Otras Tierras is an exploration of new aspects of flamenco and world fusion music. On the wings of this strong moods the musical project has been conceived and developed by Fabio Armani and Miguel Fernandez, two composers of different belongings and musical culture.

Miguel is a flamenco guitar virtuoso of Argentine origins, that starting from the deep knowledge of the techniques and styles of the Flamenco tradition, composes and plays his innovative music.

The complementary aspect of Otras Tierras music is provided by the musical personality of Fabio Armani, more jazz and electronic oriented, in which his searching for new sounds and new forms of arrangement characterize the more innovative and modern side of the Ensemble.

Open Doors CD

In January 2020 the ensemble has finished its own first CD called Open Doors that presents the different musical explorations - ranging from flamenco to electronic music, form ethcniuc music to jazz.

The track list is the following:

  1. Gardens of Babylon (4:39)
  2. Mystical Duende (4:41)
  3. Marbella's Sunset (6:20)
  4. Fuente Nueva (3:42)
  5. Water Cirrus (5:23
  6. On a Crystal Night (6:44)
  7. Red Sands (5:14)
  8. Cloud Forest (3:42)
  9. Rosas Negras (6:34)
  10. Dancing in Blue Shadows (2:56)
  11. Arabian Tango Suite (7:08)
  12. Blue Sun (4:55)
  13. Milonga de mis recuerdos (5:13)
  14. Open Doors (2:36)


Miguel Coelho Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez is an innovative argentine concert master guitarist currently resident in Italy with outstanding technique, composing, music & film music production and concert performance as soloist or in Ensemble are important facets of his work.

From a young age has been dedicated to the study of the most important and wide aspects of concert guitar. So happens that while he specializes in the modern flamenco guitar skills of Paco de Lucía's school, comes at the same time invited to perform with the famous poet Vinícius de Moraes, father of Brazilian "bossa nova".

Fabio Armani

Fabio Armani is an Italian composer born in Rome in 1958. He has a degree in Astrophysics, and studied jazz piano and composition since 1974. He composes acoustic as well as electronic instrumental music (Computer Music). At the moment he is the Artistic Director of the musical ensembles Tangram and Terre Differenti. 

Fabio plays piano, keyboards, samplers and small ethnic percussion. He composes and arranges all the music for the two musical ensembles.

Visionary Trends - music for movies

In 2018 Fabio Aramni realized a CD of ambient, chil-out music with OPENSOUND (www.opensound.com) called Visionary Trends. Miguel was invited to add his wonederful flamenco and ethnic guitar perfomrmances in a couple of tracks: Syrian Dreams and The Endless Return.